insuranceOur services are from start to finish. All work is performed on premises including a full mechanical repair shop. We have state of the art diagnostic equipment to solve any of your problems. That’s right, we are the true one stop shop.

Service Standards

We know that you have pride in your vehicle. It is a treasured possession, that is necessary for your daily functions. After an accident, not only do you lose use of your car for a while, but many auto body repair facilities only patch your vehicle to substandard order. At
Fix-A-Dent our standard is quality.

Restoring your vehicle is no accident

The paint will match, and there will be no visible indications that your vehicle was ever in an accident. Your vehicle will drive as good, or better than the day that you purchased it. Your tires should wear evenly, and should drive down the road as straight as an arrow. Fix-A-Dent knows that the key to good business is customer satisfaction.

Protecting the Environment

At Fix-A-Dent, we are committed to a Safe and Clean environment. Our repair center protects and preserves the environment by recycling parts and automobile components which are sent to a central cycling center, not a landfill.